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About us


Olympia Sports strives to become the leaders in customer service. Enhancing the relationship between business and customer in the region. As the 2022 World Cup draws near the needs and demands of the market will grow and Olympia Sports will showcase what customer satisfaction is truly about. 


Olympia Sports will strive towards its vision through continuous innovations, excellent customer relations, and consistent employee investment.


In 1972, Olympia Sports established its first retail outlet in the old Misheireb region of Doha, Qatar. Since then, Olympia Sports has expanded operations to multiple outlets across prominent and lively locations in Qatar, with more scheduled to open in the future. From the beginning, Olympia Sports has always searched for ways to better serve its customers. The dynamics of the retial industry are quickly changing and market demand is shifting towards a more convenient and effecient shopping experience. Answering this demand will be the core of our vision moving forward.

Over time, Olympia Sports has grown in strength largely due to the relentless efforts executed by its’ employees, creating a number of principles that have created a strong company culture. This has allowed Olympia Sports to establish itself competitively as the leading wholesaler and retailer of sports, lifestyle and outdoor brands in Qatar.


At Olympia Sports we truly believe that “Our Assets Are Our People”. Investing in our employees promotes dedication and loyalty, allowing for growth in their skills and abilities. Resulting in improvement of company operations. This has allowed Olympia Sports to stand out among the competition. Our employees are:

  • Highly motivated team of multi-national staff providing a diverse pool of innovative ideas.
  • Highly trained and energized professionals with dynamic problem solving abilities.
  • Retail staff equipped with modern customer oriented techniques to ensure excellent customer service.


Olympia Sports has always valued its relationship with its retail and wholesale customers. This strategy has resulted in a strong and loyal customer-base that has come to trust Olympia Sports with their sporting needs. Our customers know that we offer high quality products and follow up our sales with unmatched service. The launch of the online store will allow Olympia Sports to serve its customer in a new way. Introducing a new convenient and time saving shopping experience. Making us a household name for quality sports, lifestyle, and outdoor brands.