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1,475.00 QAR

1.Frame using ergonomic design, so that users feel more relaxed

2. The seat can be adjusted up and down,front and back,According to your need

3. The front arm can be adjusted up and down to accommodate users of different shapes.

4. The frame is provided with a water bottle rack, which is convenient for the user to place the kettle(provided by the kettle).

5. front moving wheel design, mobile light and convenient, the main frame of 50 x 100 flat elliptical tube, all imported parts. Unique damping system not only extends the life of the foot, but also makes the movement more comfortable and dynamic.

6.Area covered:1130×640×1180(L*W*H)mm

7.Chrome cast wheel:18KGS

8.(Adjustment of the Handlebar (Dip))/Leather cushion

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