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Air Runner

7,985.00 QAR

1. Appearance: The running belt is curved and the whole foot is on the ground. The impact force acts on the muscle first and then on the knee, thus reducing the knee damage to the lowest.

2. Running belt: high-strength plastic running belt, better elasticity, lower joint impact, safer and more reliable

3. The column adopts 170X66X3mm D-type high quality tube, which is beautiful and firm.

4. Display panel: 5-inch button control panel, which can display time, speed, distance, calories

5. Running area: 1500mm* 440mm

6. Safe speed limit: 0- 20km/h

7. Machine size: 1780*845* 1520mm

8. G.W. 220KG N.W. 1 65KG

9. Max Weight load: 150KG


    A:Microcomputer electronic control system with over current,overload protection function

    B:The cushioning and damping systemmakes the movement smooth and natural, and at the same time

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